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19 Jul 2011 00:29 - Student Orientation
Student Orientation is scheduled at the Academy.

Welcome to X-Men: A New Strain!

X-Men: A New Strain

The Academy: The Dean has called a meeting and is gathering the teachers together to move forward with the vision of the Academy. Gone are the days of being reactive waiting for trouble and hiding. Instead the Academy while continuing its mission to train and protect its students (even from themselves if need be) they will be working with local, state, and federal law enforcement to aid mutant and human relationships. They will work with local and state government to continue to ensure the freedoms and rights of mutants. They will see to it that Xaiver's dream will continue to live on.

The Brotherhood: Since Magneto's fall three visions have arisen of how to lead the Brotherhood. Quake has gathered those who seek a military action seeking to create a world in which power equates to leadership. Siren believes in the rule of mutants will come once the Humanity is nudged into destroying themselves. With her army of empaths and telepaths her vision may arrive swiftly. Finally one called the Shadow has arisen with plans to rule behind the scenes.

X-Men: A new Strain takes place right after the third X-Men movie. Charles, Scott, and Jean are all dead. Magneto, Rogue, and Mystique no longer have their powers. The world does not seem to have any major threats, however both the Brotherhood as the Academy for the gifted are both dealing with the effects of its leadership having gone missing. Though weakened many others are rising up to fill in the power gap. A war still may be on the horizon…

So come on in and help improve the game, suggest a new feature and lets make the game better, together. Brotherhood, Academy, or a new faction rising to face threats to mutants and humanity, there is plenty of adventures to experience on X-Men: A New Strain.

See you there! IP: themudhost.net Port: 3080

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