Tecoah Thompson


Krystal Meyers

Animal Communication, Wolf Form, Regeneration, Wolf Senses

Tecoah Ines Thompson




November 21st, 1994

Dallas, Texas

Roanoke, Texas



Tecoah is just another new student at the School for the Gifted, but already she's got a rep as a girl that isn't always the neatest dressed. She's bossy, half wild, and demands that people stay out of her "bubble". She makes no excuses for what she does, and doesn't bother, at least among the other students, to make a secret of the fact that she's not adverse to doing things that aren't exactly legal for kids their age.


Not a tall girl by any means, this teen stands about 5'0" inches tall and is extremely petite. Her golden blonde hair falls halfway between her shoulders and her elbows, a thick fringe of bangs swept across her forehead and partially covering her right eye. Bright blue eyes are framed by long, thick eyelashes and are set in a very square face with subtlely shaped brows, a shade or two darker than her hair, arching over them. Her nose is a little small in comparison to the rest of her features, her pale skin as smooth as the finest satin and unmarked by any blimish. Her lips are full and shine lightly with a subtle application of rose colored gloss. Her torso is a little short in comparison with her long legs, and shaped lightly by still maturing feminine curves. Her hands are small with long slender fingers that appear to be made for playing the piano.

At the moment, she's dressed simply in a dark red racer back tank top and a pair of short, dark blue denim shorts. A pair of black flip flops are usually worn, though only when she absolutely has to wear shoes. The rest of the time, they're stowed in the small black backpack on her back. She doesn't wear any jewelry, though the holes in her ears show that she does, occasionally, wear earrings.


Animal Communication

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Being born the oldest of a set of twins in a family with four older children, not to mention the only girl with five brothers, Tecoah found herself very protected when she was a young child. That over protectiveness from both her older brothers and her father, a police officer in Roanoke, TX, left the little girl feeling rather rebellious. At the age of three, she was convinced that she could do everything that her older brothers could do and that being a girl made her no different from the four older boys and their friends. She would also treat Caleb exactly the way that everyone else treated her: Telling him to be careful, looking out for him, and just generally trying to control every moment of his day.

That changed when their maternal grandmother, the woman that had named the two youngest of the Thompson children, finally passed away when the twins were four. The old woman had been in poor health since before the twins were born and finally gave up after her second heart attack in three years. For the next two years, Tecoah allowed herself to be protected and watched over to the rest of the family's contentment, though she still tried to order Caleb around most of the day.

When the twins started school, they were at first allowed to be in the same class, though that was quickly rectified the next year when they started first grade. It was decided that they should be allowed to grow up to be their own people, at least at school, and that Tecoah tried to be entirely too controlling with her brother. Therefore, Tecoah was moved from Ms. Huen's class where the twins were originally placed, and transferred to Mr. Judge's first grade class before the school year even started. Finally separated from her twin brother for a few hours a day, Tecoah latched onto a girl that had just moved from Chicago and the pair quickly became fast friends. Her new best friend, Jamie, would never replace Caleb, but she was a good substitute for those times that the twins couldn't be together.

By the time they reached the third grade, Tecoah and Jamie were practically inseparable and the other girl had become the target for most of her orders. That's not to say that Jamie never stood up for herself, but Tecoah tried to arrange her best friend's life so that it was to her satisfacion and didn't care if it wasn't what the other girl wanted.

When the Thompson twins and Jamie reached junior high, Tecoah wanted Jamie to join the track team with her, but the other girl wanted to try out band like her older cousin had done a few years before. Since track wasn't available until the next year anyway, Tecoah agreed to give band a try.

Unable to play much of anything else, Tecoah ended up taking up the trombone as her chosen instrument while Jamie stayed with the alto sax. Unfortunately for Tecoah, this meant that she was now separated from her best friend for yet one more class and only got to see both her brother and the girl she'd adopted as a kind of apprentice at lunch and then again after school. Shortly after her thirteenth birthday, when she and Caleb were in the eighth grade and Caleb was just getting started on school football, Tecoah began to start getting hints of what the animals around her were thinking. She told her mom about it, but everyone assumed that she just had an overactive imagination and that she was attributing human thoughts and emotions to the animals she came in contact with.

It was also around that time that she decided that she was going to focus on band instead of track since she wasn't as fast, or as good a jumper, as what she wanted to be but had gotten pretty good at playing the trombone. The next school year, Tecoah and Jamie joined the marching band and became friendly rivals due to the instruments they played. Brass and woodwinds were ever at odds at the school they found themselves attending, after all.

The other trombone players had a tradition of giving nicknames to the incoming freshmen, and Tecoah's freshman year was no different. The names that some of the other students were called were 'HB', a girl that was a year older than Tecoah and wasn't exactly the nicest of people, 'Head', a boy by the last name of Hardwick, and 'God', the senior that was usually first chair. There was some debate for the first week of band camp before the name 'Mother' was picked for the bossy new girl. The name Mother stuck with Tecoah through out the rest of the year and was picked up by a couple of other students until half the school knew her as Mother instead of Tecoah. This was helped by the fact that, on game day, she would usually wear the white t-shirt that the other trombone players had made for her that read 'Mother' in black block letters across the front.

Even being in high school didn't stop Tecoah from thinking that she heard what the animals around her were thinking, particularly dogs. She also discovered that she healed from injuries faster than other people… When she was fifteen, she went out with Caleb to visit one of their mutual friends in Justin. Despite having five older brothers and a twin brother, but she still had never ridden a dirt bike before. Even though Caleb protested that she didn't know what she was doing, Tecoah still took a turn driving Jason's dirt bike. Its' just a bike, after all, and she knew perfectly well how to ride a bicycle, so how much harder could a dirt bike be? Unfortunately for her, the gravel road Jason lived on had just been raked a few days before, so the surface was loose. Two seconds after hittin the throttle, Tecoah spun out and dropped the bike, skidding eight feet in the gravel and getting rocks and dirt embedded in her right arm and leg.

The two boys panicked when they saw Tecoah go down, Caleb being absolutely sure that his sister had managed to kill herself, and rushed to her side. They got her inside and Jason's mom took her in the bathroom to help her get cleaned up and see exactly how bad the injuries were. It was a shock to both of them when the dirt and blood was washed away and the wounds weren't nearly as bad as everyone had thought. They couldn't keep the accident a secret, not with Mrs. Robertson aware of it, and everyone was shocked when the wounds were healed in just a couple of days. The scars Tecoah was left with looked worse than could be accounted for with injuries that healed in less than a week, more along the lines of what everyone thought she'd had to begin with. Scars that faded much more quickly than they should have.

Just a couple of months after the incident with the dirt bike, whichTecoah was forbidden from riding ever again, she was at a sleepover at Jamie's house while the other girl's parents were out of town for a wedding. Rather than take their daughter with them and have her miss school, they left her at home. It was supposed to just be a little gathering of girlfriends spending the weekend, but one of the other girls' boyfriend found out about it and invited himself and a bunch of other guys over with snacks and… other refreshments. Someone served up a large jug of trashcan punch and the girls only weekend became a full out party with fully fifty kids invading the house.

Somehow, Tecoah found herself alone in an upstairs bedroom with one of the other girls' boyfriend and the guy wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. He had her backed into a corner where, in a panic, she shoved hard against him, somehow managing to push him halfway across the room, and ran for the window. She dashed for the open window and dove through, stumbling a little when she landed and running away on four feet. It took her two days to calm down enough to be able to stop and take stock. Not only does she heal quickly, she can also take the form of a large silvery gray wolf!

She made her way back home over the next few hours and found Caleb in the garage working on the old car they'd bought with birthday money and a loan from their parents a week after their sixteenth birthday. It took another hour for her to figure out how to return to human form only to discover that her clothes didn't survive the change. The twins managed to find something in the garage to cover Tecoah well enough to sneak into the house, which wasn't too difficult since their parents were out on their weekly date and all four of their older brothers were otherwise occupied with their own girlfriends or friends.

Tecoah spent the next couple of months experimenting with her newfound abilities, discovering that she healed even faster when she took on wolf form. She also figured out that the thoughts she'd always attributed to an over active imagination giving voice to the animals around her, really were the animals around her! The stray cats that her mother had always fed, even the ones that were the friendliest, avoided her from the first moment she took on the shape of a preditor, cursing at her and running away anytime she stepped outside.

Shortly before the end of her sophomore year of high school, a representative from some school up in New York came to talk to the Thompsons about the special gifts their only daughter had. It was a long discussion and much debating before it was finally decided that it would be best for Tecoah, and the rest of the family, if she were to at least try out this school for one year. It would be the first time that the twins were apart for more than just a few days and would likely be difficult for both of them, but it would be best for Tecoah if she were able to finally control her powers and not risk ruining furniture or hurting someone when she loses herself in the wolf.

About a month later, Tecoah found herself shipped off to New York; far away from everything familiar and losing herself to the wolf more and more…

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