Newbie Guide

Welcome to the New Player Guide. We are excited that you are here and interested in joining us in making this a great game to play on. As some of the players are from MUDs lets start there. X-Men: A New Strain is not a MUD lacking mobs to fight and traditional MUD style quests and story lines. Instead the game is a MUSH role playing is done via posing using the commands listed below. Each character interaction is called a scene. Players in each scene interact with one another combining personal stories into plots. Plots may be created by the game's staff or created on the spot by players. While the game does have built in stats, rolls are not required for any sort of scene. Dice rolls are used for dramatic effects if the Storyteller deems it necessary or to settle conflicts between players.

Basic Commands:

All new players should automatically be joined to both the Scene and Questions channels. The scene channel is the channel where players request scenes with one another while the questions channel is the best place for staff to see questions about the game. Another popular channel is the public channel, however while many players are on this channel, staff may not be.

To join a channel type: @channel/join <channel name>.
Ex: @channel/join Scene , @channel/join Questions , @channel/join Newbie

To see who is on a channel type: @channel/who <channel name>
Ex: @channel/who Scene , @channel/who Questions , @channel/who Newbie

To speak on a channel type: +<channel> <text>
Ex: +pub Hi I am speaking on public! , +qu Does this command work?

To say something type: say <text>
Ex: say Hello I am Mr. Ed would display: <name> says, "Hello I am Mr. Ed"

To perform an action type: :<text>
Ex: :runs swiftly through the field would display as: <name> runs swiftly through the field.

A more advanced form of posing is @emit. To use an type: @emit <text>
Ex: @emit I am showing this as an example would display as: I am showing this as an example.