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OOC Date: 08-03-2011
IC Date: 8/03/2011

Brotherhood trouble spills to the street.

Salem Center, New York

The historic district is draws commerce due to the attractive architecture hosting many small clubs, restaurants, and small specialty shops for both the affluent and those on a budget. The close proximity to the coast allows providing those who so desire a comfortable walk upon the beach. The narrow streets are well lit by street lamps at night with constant patrols of officers discouraging overt trouble within the open.

Outside of Jack's an argument is starting to heat up between a red haired woman and a burly man. The man moves to grab the woman's arm, however pauses as she shoots him a writhing look. A small frown may be seen forming upon her lips as she pokes the man's chest.

"I don't need your permission to do anything. You are not in charge." as she speaks a few nearby men begin to take notice their gaze drawn to the couple. As of the moment they continue to move along the street those walking with women earn a smack for staring.

"You ain't in charge either… a war is coming up and we need to do things pretty smart." the man frowns, "I got support. You don't so don't start thinking your place is thinking." the man frowns, "So fall in line."

After a long day of working, if you can even call it that, Jack decides he could just a cigarette. He steps outside just before the couple begins to argue, giving him enough time to light said cigarette before his attention is drawn to the redhead and the guy she's with. He watches silently, trying to be discreet, though he can't help but check the chick out.

Looking over at the couple arguing Matt subconsciously taps his phone in his pocket. He frowns a little as he thinks how glad he is to be single sometimes. He stops and turns towards a shop window and looks at the stuff they are displaying. His jacket blows slightly in the wind as the couple continue to argue.

At the man's words the woman lets out a small laugh, "Oh I am so frightened. You are such a brute." she shakes her head quickly, "Things are different now. A lesson should have been learned." the woman states to the man." she gestures towards Jack, "Oh look a new friend. Perhaps we should end this conversation… you are drawing attention."

The man takes hold of the woman's hand, "Only because you wish for it to be drawn." the man frowns, "I am quite aware of your tricks." he tugs the woman closer to him, "I think you are right WE are going elsewhere."

It is around this time LaCroix rounds the corner, "I'm sorry turns out I'm not sixteen after all. Ha ha ha. My bad just a joke." his shoulders slump, "No… I well.. crap." he doesn't notice anything occurring right now."

Jack watches the couple a bit longer, then glances at LaCroix as the boy addresses him. He just shrugs his shoulders slightly before returning his attention to the couple; he can't seem to take his eyes off of the woman. After a long drag from his cigarette, the storekeep takes a step closer to the couple. "Everything alright?" he asks, trying to make it seem like he's speaking to both of them, though it's obvious he's addressing the woman.

Matt sees a cute girl walking up towards the shop he is stationed at. He glances at her the way he usually does to girls he likes and then realizes just a second ago he was glad no women were in his life right now. Just at that time he sees the LaCroix from the Academy round the corner and talk to the shopkeeper. I should find out his name, Matt thinks. They start talking to one another but Matt notices that the shopkeeper cannot take his eyes of the women who was arguing a minute ago. As the shopkeeper addresses the woman Matt decides to wait a minute and see what happens next.

"Just what do you think you are doing? Unhand me right this instant." she pauses for a moment as she spies the mumbling boy, "You…" her gaze turns to Jack, "…can help me by getting him to release me at once. Please he is hurting me."

"You little…" the man frowns moving to back hand the woman using his free hand now. Except the blow never lands. It simply stops a few inches away from the woman's face. His eyes narrow upon the woman now however he lets her go as several men break away from the crowd which avoids the arguing couple and instead begin to approach the two.

LaCroix meanwhile takes a step back recoiling a bit from the pair as if in a daze for a moment. Shaking his head he clears whatever thoughts he was considering biting on his lips for a moment.

Taking another step towards the couple and flicking his cigarette out into the street, Jack draws himself up to his full height and addresses the man, glaring at him. "Hey pal, you better watch yourself before you get hurt." After the woman is almost backhanded, the shopkeep lunges for the man, but stops when the man's hand stops. "What the fuck?" he growls, moving to try to get between the man and woman, shoving the guy in the process. "You'd better get the hell outta here right now if you know what's good for you."

"Woah", Matt proclaims as he witnesses the scene across the way. Edging forward a bit he grabs his phone out of his pocket and begins to tap rapidly on the screen. He looks over at LaCroix and notices him pull out of a daze, stumbling slightly. He pauses for a minute as the shopkeeper intervenes, he taps something on his phone and continues to look at what is going down.

As the woman is released she turns beginning to make her way from the men, "Please help me… he has a drug problem… he's relpased." she stumbles back a few more steps quickly moving behind one man.

The man stands protectively in front of the red haired woman a short pudgy man of around 5'4 and perhaps 160 lbs. His wife and surely the woman is wife says, "Harold if you don't get over here right now I'm filing for divorce. Let that woman go. Won't even open a car door for me, but playing the hero for her…" there is a scowl on the woman's features.

The man stumbles backward a moment as Jack gives him a shove, "You want to play rough?" he mutters, "Siren you brought this on yourself." without using effort the man picks up a nearby car and flings it at Jack, "Catch."

Jack blinks in surprise. A car is flying at him. This is seriously.. not cool. So many people watching, too.. In any case, the storekeep crouches slightly, bracing himself just before the car hits him. Jack thrusts his hands out and upward at the last second, and with visible effort knocks the car over his head, spinning around to aim it at an unoccupied part of the street. After the car crashes down, the storekeep pants a bit, wincing..

Matt looks down at his phone and taps it again. He holds it up to his ear as it rings.

Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz

"The elephant is heavier than the ballon. Eight Four Eight at once, Main Street." He issues. Matt lowers the phone, taps it again and puts it away into his pocket. He sighs a bit as he starts to cross the street towards the disturbance with the intent of helping his fellow Academy student LaCroix. Suddenly as a car seemingly bounces over the shopkeeper and is ricocheted towards Matt. The rear taillight of the car hits him directly in the chest knocking him to the ground and unconscious.

In the crowd a woman shouts out, "Oh no that mutant just killed that poor man. Call the police!" Panic begins to move within the crowd, at least for the females. The males begin to rush towards the car chucking fiend.

As for the woman called Siren… she blows a kiss to Jack, "I'll see you around." turning she begins to make her way through the crowd a small smile spread upon her lips.

The man frowns as the males lunge at him, though it is apparent he has more than mere brute strength. He appears to know how to hold his own in a fight. Throwing one of the men off him, the sounds of bones snapping may be heard as his foot connects with a seconds knee. A third man is flung towards Siren as the sound of police cars may be heard in the distance.

The boy frowns as he notices the action his gaze turning over towards Siren. His attention split between Jack and Matt, "I didn't see that coming." the southern youth mutters, "Ain't gonna get to far though." closing his eyes he begins to focus the men attacking the large man pausing for a moment.

As the youth closes his eyes another man not yet involved in the Frey begins to approach the boy with a murderous look in his eyes.

Heading towards the guy who threw a car at him, Jack is quite obviously pissed. He grimaces a bit as man after man is thrown or hurt, and almost doesn't notice the guy heading towards LaCroix. The storekeep stops in his tracks, head turning from the car-thrower to the kid, seemingly torn. Finally he groans and turns towards the kid, jogging up behind the guy that's heading towards him. "Hey, whatcha doing there?" he asks the man, trying to distract him. Jack didn't know exactly what was going on between the kid and the man, but the guy suddenly veering out of the crowd towards LaCroix seemed a bit off.

Matt opens his eyes and they adjust to the bright light of the sky. He thinks for a second and figures he is on his back. He cant quite figure out why he is laying here or what happened. In his mind he does a once over to check if he has any injuries. "Nope." he says in a low gasp. He can hear an high pitch engine approaching in the distance, then he hears police sirens.

A man approaches Matt and looks down at him. Their eyes meet. A slight look of horror comes over the face of the rescuer as he tries to work out if Matt is dead or not. "You alright kid" the rescuer blurts out. Matt winks at him as he hears his red 848 Ducati motorcycle pull up next to the wrecked car, idling with a smooth purr. Matt quickly hops up and jumps on the bike. He scans the area and sees that LaCroix is ok. He is about to go and rescue LaCroix when his rescuer tries to grab him and yells, "Mutant! Another Muta…" It is cut off by screeching of tires as Matt floors the throttle, spins the bike in a 180 degree covering the rescuer in smoke and rides off in the other direction.

The body sails off into the air only to be side stepped by the woman called Siren, "Nice try." she offers a small shrug quickly moving away from incoming police cars.

Meanwhile her former companion frowns as the squad cars draw closer. The man growls as he he picks up a second car to throw at the incoming police car. The squad car is smashed running into a second police car.

All the noise is to much for LaCroix to maintain control on the stunned group. Suddenly they become aware of themselves once more as they move to rush the man hurling vehicles at police cars. His notice comes just in time for a fist to make contact with his face from the angry man who seems unaware of Jack's words to him.

Jack growls lowly and lunges at the man who struck LaCroix. Grabbing the guy by the back of the shirt and one arm, the storekeep spins around and hurls him back a few feet, away from LaCroix. "You alright, kid?" Jack asks over his shoulder, moving between the attacker and the little guy he hit. His eyes wander over to the buff car-throwing guy and he frowns deeply as he sees the cops being attacked. He's just hoping that no one's been killed.

The hit hurts that is for sure, in fact the boy he hit now has a bloody nose. He begins to speak rather rapidly muttering something in Cajun french. Something no doubt which would leave him with a bar of soap in his mouth if anyone understood what he was saying, "I'm.. okay sir.." he looks around frowning at the man who punched him. Ah.. you.. well.. see.." he sighs and seems to remember something, "Gotta stop her."

It appears that LaCroix is not the only person to remember the fleeing Siren, "Oh you really wanted me to put my foot down on this one." stomping his foot on the ground sends a small tremor towards the police cars knocking them aside.

Eyebrow arched and arms held out to his sides, Jack looks back at LaCroix. "Who is she?" he asks the kid. "Why do we have to stop her? That guy was attacking her." Turning his head, the storekeep scans the crowd in hopes of spotting the chick. Whether he's going to go after her or just wants to check her out some more, he's not exactly sure. Either way, Jack knew he had to try to stop the guy throwing the cars. As the man stomps and the tremor knocks police cars around, Jack struggles to keep on his feet.

There is no response from the boy for he is knocked onto his butt. Staring dumbly up into the air, "Can't you throw a car back at him or something?" LaCroix mutters lifting up his shirt to help stop the flow of blood from his nose, "

Quake turns looking over to the mostly fallen crowd his gaze turning towards Jack, "Next time watch who you shove." he lets out a small laugh as he pushes a button on his shirt, "Things went south. Be ready for an extraction." he begins to storm down the street leaving small aftershocks in his path.

The police however are not willing to let the man go as they open their car doors, "Stop or we will shoot!" one shouts out.

Jack crouches slightly and then breaks into a run, heading straight towards the guy causing all of the problems. Not only is Jack's strength enhanced, his speed is as well; which helps him cover ground quickly. "Hey, stop!" The tremors make it hard for Jack to keep running, let alone at full speed though. However, he finally gets within reaching distance and reaches out to grab the guy's shirt.

The man pauses as his shirt is grabbed. He twists about his knee moving to ram towards Jack's chest, "Down boy." he growls a dangerous tone in his voice. From the way he moves he has been trained in dealing with close combat.

LaCroix watches as his future boss rushes towards the man with incredible speed. On the spot the boy makes the decision not to tell him he messed with his mind, yet he wonders if the man will put two and two together as he closes his eyes once more focusing.

The police for the moment hold off firing as they watch the two mutants battle it out. There is calls for possible re-enforcements however.

Jack winces and stumbles back as the knee strikes him in the chest. That really hurt! The storekeep isn't used to being hit like that, but he's been trained in unarmed combat and quickly regains his balance. Lunging forward, he draws a fist back as if to throw a punch, but at the last second twists to aim a kick at the side of the man's knee, with all of his strength. Can't be predictable or he'll get killed, is the way Jack sees it. He's almost forgotten that there's others watching.

The foot does indeed connect with the man's knee, however the man doesn't budge, "You trying to test out maybe." he shakes his head, "Tryouts are not today… now go before I squash you." hitting the knees of a man who pounds his feet down is not a good idea it seems.

In the air the sound of a helicopter may be heard from which a rope ladder is tossed. It comes before the man who takes hold of it. Looking towards Jack he grins, "I'm your friend. Later on if you want to seek me out just look for Quake."

LaCroix opens his eyes as the copter comes by his nose appearing to bleed even more freely now. The non mutants seem to be a bit sluggish right now, dazed.

Jack brings a hand up to his chest, which is still hurting pretty damn bad. He watches Quake grab hold of the rope ladder, knowing there's nothing he can do to stop him at this point. Instead, he just points a finger at him and says in a low voice, barely loud enough to be heard. "I'll be seeing you again," he swears before turning back towards LaCroix and making his way back over to the kid. "Hey, kid, are you alright? Come on, let's get you inside.." The storekeep shoots one more glance over his shoulder at the fleeing mutant, malice in his eyes.

LaCroix looks up over to the man, "Yes sir." he climbs up to his feet a little woobly now, "Your really strong." he mumbles looking about the street for a moment as he looks up to the sky for a moment.

Needless to say Siren is long gone along with Quake. The police however remain. Shouting in the bull horn they call out to the pair, "Please get to safety there are danger mutants on the loose, please move indoors. We will alert you when things are calmed down."

"Come on," Jack says, reaching to hold the kid by his shoulders to support him. He makes his way to his own store, leading LaCroix. The storekeep glances over his shoulder at the scene; the injured people, the destruction in the street.. Was a pretty horrible sight. Jack wanted to go do what he could to help get the injured to safety, but the kid was top priority at the moment. Finally he opens the door, holding it for LaCroix to enter first.

Is it shock? Either way LaCroix seems a bit obvlious to the damage around him, those injured outside, bleeding and broken. The women who cradle their loved ones, the men who watched the battle helpless and now remain gripped in a paraylzing fear. Leaning against the an as he is aided he murmurs a few words of thanks as he drags his feet along one after the other.

The police call out to Jack as LaCroix enters into the store, "Is urgent medical aid needed? Is his injuries serious?"

Jack looks over to the cop that called out to him and shakes his head. "No, I think he's alright. Just got hit in all of the confusion. Look after the ones who really need the help, I can patch the kid up," he calls back before nudging LaCroix over the threshold. "Get in there," he mutters, not wanting any more attention from the cops. Jack gets some paper towels and whatnot to help clean the blood from LaCroix's face, and also a Sprite to help take the edge off from the shock. After the kid is all cleaned up and his nose tended to, the storekeep looks him over and sighs. "Kid.. about what happened.. Try to forget what you saw, alright? Sorry I didn't stop that dude before he hit you.. was like he had no clue I was there."

Blue = LaCroix, Green = Jack, Red = Matt, Brown = Quake, Purple = Siren, Black = general background/low priority characters.