Alexandra Maxwell

Portrayed By Chloe Moretz
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Power: Battle Awareness/Armor
Full Name: Alexandra Ophelia Maxwell
Gender: Female
Race: Homo-Superior
Age: 13
Birthday: February 4th, 1988
Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Faction: Academy
Position: Student

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Father: Milton "Blitz" Maxwell, Mutant, Member of the Brotherhood, Supersonic Running, Incarcerated at undisclosed location
Mother: Sarah Jane Maxwell, Human, Waitress


Alexandra Maxwell was born in Portland, Oregon. She was raised mostly by her mother, though her father had some influence during her early childhood. Her father, Milton, though he preferred to be called Blitz was a mutant, and a member of the Brotherhood. He totally agreed with the idea that there was a war coming between humans and mutants and felt that Alex should be ready. Even before her powers started to show he started training her, in case they did. He taught her unarmed combat, and Melee combat, as well as eventually to use a firearm. Her mother, Sarah, didn't really agree with it, but she was scared of Blitz. Alex did still go to normal school and pick up regular classes and stuff as well, stuff kids normally learn. Then around 10 her powers started to develop. By that point, her father had been arrested and was incarcerated.

Alex had always been a bit more graceful and faster than others her age, and it advanced even a bit more. Maybe it was taking in part after her father who was a speedster. But she also regenerated a bit too. They found that out when she broke her arm and then went to the hospital. The doctors had to rebreak it to set it, cause it had healed already. She doesn't heal immeadiately, but as her powers grow that might as well. She can sheathe her body in a metallic blue armor shell. It is almost as if she were covered in a bodysuit, but it protects like armor. When the armor sheath is up, her speed and agility increase as well. The last of her abilities is the strangest. She can get glimpses of the future, only a few minutes into the future and only if she is directly involved. It isn't that useful except in combat situations in which she is better able to avoid being hit and surer to strike.

With her father being in the brotherhood, certain people were monitoring her and as her powers started developing, her mother was approached to send her to the Academy for training. Sarah almost didn't allow it at first, but decided they might be able to keep her safe should Blitz ever get out. So Alex went off to learn at the Academy, sort of excited to meet others like herself and not feel as different.


This young girl stands just under five and a half feet in height. She bears a light, wiry build, almost the kind that makes her look frail and underfed. Long locks of light brown cascade down the back of her head, resting just below her shoulders and catching the light just right to flare red or blonde at times. Two bright blue-green eyes dart about as she takes in the details of her surroundings, slipping from blue to green, and sometimes gold or brown. Her skin is almost milky white, showing that she really hasn't spent a lot of time out under the sun.


Battle Awareness: One of Alexandra's most unique gifts is her battle awareness. This is a good name for it, though for all intents and purposes it, it is little more than precognition. The difference is that she is limited to glimpses of a few moments into the future at most. This is useful in combat as she can see possible outcomes and increases her ability to avoid blows and have better chances of landing others.

Bio-Armor: The most visible of Alexandra's powers is her bio-armor. Not entirely sure where it comes from, but she is able to surround herself in a skin tight sheath of armor. The armor appears like one might think a spandex suit of armor might, complete with mask, but it is all one piece and hardened to deflect blows like body armor. The bio-armor is deep dark blue, which is where she takes her codename, Azure, from. While encased in her bio-armor, her reflexes and speed are at thier highest levels.

Reflexes: Alexandra has heightned reflexes and speed and almost always has. She is still learning to use them fully.

Regeneration: Alexandra does have the ability to regenerate, though not as fast as some might. Things don't heal so fast that you can see them close before your eyes but she does heal rapidly, rarely down for long.

Skills: Alexandra was trained in combat, almost from the time that she could walk, thanks to a paranoid father. She is still a kid but she does have training at martial arts, and fighting with weapons, moving quietly, and even using firearms.