Alexandria LeVeaux

Portrayed By Deborah Ann Woll
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Power: Psionics
Full Name: Alexandria LeVeaux
Gender: Female
Race: Mutant
Age: 24
Birthday: July 12th, 1987
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Faction: Academy
Position: Teacher

When one hears the name Alexandria LeVeaux, the picture that comes to mind is probably far from the truth. Alexandria is far from the cliched Creole Babe, with bright red hair and startlingly blue eyes. The fair skin comes as part of the package, but there's few freckles to be seen.

As a new teacher at the Academy, Alexandria has done her best to present her most calm expression and presence, and bury any doubts of worries out of sight.


Alexandria stands at 5'4", small in stature but often large in attitude. With her long, vibrant red hair, bright blue eyes, and her slender dancer's build, she clearly expects to be noticed. She often dresses in jeans that are snug without being obscenely tight, and comfortable tops that are pops of color often chosen to contrast and show off her hair, and heels are always a necessity. Makeup is used for enhancing her features, without being garish or clown-like. Alexandria is a woman who knows herself to be attractive, and plays it up to her advantage.


Alexandria is a psionic with both telepathic and empathic abilities. Her telepathy is more controlled, stronger, and more useful to her than lesser controlled empathy. She is receptive as well as projective, and has yet to truly test her limits as she has only so recently joined the Academy and discovered its resources.


Alexandria was born to normal parents, Marcus and Rosalie, in New Orleans, Lousiana. Rosalie worked at a voodoo shop in the Quarter, while Marcus was a professor at Tulane. An only child, Alexandria was pressured to try new activities to expand her choices. The only two that really stuck with her were gymnastics and dance, and she often poured her energy into the two activities to try and achieve perfection.
Gymnastics took the lead while she was younger, on the fast track to being an elite gymnast. She even competed in several national meets, until her powers manifested shortly before her sixteenth birthday. Being able to hear the thoughts of others often lead to her lack of focus, and so she dropped the grueling training and went back to being an assistant at her gym and focused on dance. Dance, with the music that went with performance, gave the young psionic something else to focus on, in order to ignore thoughts.
At first, Alexandria kept her suspected powers secret, finally revealing them to her father on her seventeenth birthday. He promised to keep her secret, while trying to find ways to help his daughter from letting her powers become a disadvantage rather than a gift.
Sadly, shortly after her eighteenth birthday, her father died during a hurricane that hit the area hard. While she had been admitted to Tulane, and would still be allowed to attend in the manner of professor's children for free, there was little money for books, or other necessities. Now living in an apartment in Marietta, Alexandria took jobs at various places in the Quarter to help pay her own way. Majoring in history and minoring in dance, she eventually got her Bachelor's, and then was offered a position at the Academy


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