Barry Stevens

"It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top." -Hunter S. Thompson

Portrayed By Billy Crudup
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Power: Infinite Energy Production
Full Name: Barry Stevens
Gender: Male
Race: Homo-Superior
Age: 25
Birthday: 9/2/1985
Place of Birth: Burbank, California
Hometown: Burbank, California
Faction: Academy for Gifted Students
Position: Advanced Combat Instructor


The being that stands before you is almost hard to comprehend. He's not your regular run of the mill humanoid mutant. While you can only see his face, it still doesn't make much sense. Instead of skin, his head is made up of bright, purple, super-heated plasma-like energy and occassionally it will flicker to where you can almost see the outline of a human skull. He wears a black bodysuit, with valves on each of his joints which hiss occassionally to cool the suit down due to the massive amount of heat that radiates from him. The leather-looking suit covers every part of his body, excluding his head. The gloves, however, look like they can be removed.


Barry Stevens grew up in the neighborhood of Burbank in California. His life was, at first, pretty dull, with not much exciting things happening. Throughout his stay at Burbank Academy Barry wasn't exactly a popular guy, but then again he wasn't necessarilly unpopular, trying his best to just fit in. He fad a few close friends, the most important of which was Leslie, his first love. He and Leslie flirted back and forth all the way through community college. Unfortunately Barry and Leslie's relationship was cut short when they discovered they would have to end up going to seperate senior colleges. His friend Erik decided to make him feel better by taking him out to drink that weekend. On a day that most people spent drinking and partying, Barry's powers emerged. At O'Malley's Bar, Barry began to feel incredibly hot. Erik took him home and let him get some sleep. That morning, Barry woke up in excrutiating pain. He looked down and saw his clothes catching on fire and his skin melting, to reveal a purple, almost plasma-like substance. Barry's heat set fire to his apartment and he had to flee, but he couldn't leave without seeing Leslie one more time. He went to the grocery store where Leslie worked and stumbled his way through the window, which melted instantly as he got close to it. She got one look at the glowing, unformed creature that he had become and ran out to call the police. His heart was broken once again so he made his way outside, where he found himself surrounded by the cops. They opened fire on him we he "refused" to deactivate his powers. The bullets ripped through his body and out of rage he grabbed the cop and he instantly burst into flames. The cop managed to put his uniform out, but not without injury. Out of shock from his actions Barry fled. One day while on the run from an anti-mutant group that had heard about his assault on the officer, he could feel his body beginning to disperse. His plasma-like form began to break up and float away.

It was at this time that he realized that if he did not maintain constant focus, his body would break down to it's molecular level and he would be no more. He began to constantly train his mind to keep himself all in one piece and to also keep himself from searing his surroundings. He even began to explore the vastness of his abilities, finding that he could generate more plasma and use it as searing projectiles, with the ability to burn most things. He also learned that, because of his ability to control every aspect of his body, he could almost instantly heal most wounds, unless of course the pain of those wounds was strong enough to break his concentration. It didn't take long for him to start gaining recognition. A glowing, purple man can't exactly lay low. A teacher from the Mutant Academy soon tracked him down and took him in. The instruction at the academy helped him learn the full potential of his gift and that he could use it to protect those in the human race that were not blessed enough to be able to protect themselves. A few years passed and he was offered a position to teach younger mutants about the importance of willpower and control over one's powers.

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