Devin LaCroix

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Power: Empathy, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Mind Shield, Flight
Full Name: Devin LaCroix
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant
Age: 13
Birthday: March 3, 1998
Place of Birth:
Faction: Academy
Position: Student


A Caucasian boy of perhaps twelve years who stands at an unimpressive height of four-foot nine inches tall weighing all of ninety-five pounds. Dark green eyes peer out from raven colored hair, which possess a few dark red highlights. The youth's hair is in need of a cut, hanging in front of his eyes in the front while the back rests at the nape of his neck.

The fair skinned lad is dressed in loose fitting clothing begging with a white and yellow striped short sleeved t-shirt. The shirt hangs down to his knees over a pair of shin length dark green cargo shorts. On his feet the boy wears a raggedy pair of sneakers, lacking socks on his feet.


What is your character life like before his/her mutation.

Youngest out of five children, Devin LaCroix lived a life of being watched. The closest sibling to his age being 10 years his senior, he never felt himself close to his siblings with them being more like additional uncle and aunts rather than playmates to confide in. He was taught to be respectful to those in authority and stay in the place of a child. Which for his family meant not worrying about the important things in life, and simply enjoy being a child having fun with his friends, camping in the backyard, and not getting in to much trouble.

What was your characters life like after s/he discovered their powers?

Devin first discovered his powers at the age of six. It is then that his empathic powers began to manifest. Sadly it at that age children began to develop their sense of feelings for others moving from being less focused on themselves and onto others. For Devin that experience was overwhelming. By sensing the emotions of others he was unable to tell where what he felt ended and what others emotions began. At first it was mistaken that he was simply to sensitive, however shortly after his seventh birthday the boy was able to cope only after shutting down the emotions he felt. His own as well as others. By his eighth birthday he discovered his telepathic abilities and before he was nine he was able to move objects with his mind.

How did they join their present faction? (If any.)

Devin' abilities drew attention by the Academy by the time the boy was eight. A teacher was sent over to monitor the boy and see to it that he was not used by the Brotherhood with a week out of every month spent at the Academy as he taught to control his powers. This was met with limited success however, for while Devin was able to lead a relative normal life his lessons in developing control of his empathic powers remained a failure. The boy refusing to lower the protective barriers around himself to allow himself to feel anything. Emotions remaining something which easily overwhelmed him. His practice with his telepathic and telekintic abilities however quickly grew. When Devin turned 10 and learned to control people's minds to do what he wished. The decision was quickly made by his parents to send the boy to the Academy full time. The reason for this was the longer he kept himself closed from emotions the greater the possibilities he would use his powers without thought of the well beings of others.

What are they doing now?

At the Academy Devin has gone from Devin and simply goes by LaCroix he studies hard, but has the desire to discover who he truly he is (when he is not surfing). Like all boys his age he wants to test his boundaries.

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