Elizibeth Yeager

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Portrayed By Kristanna Loken
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Power: Phasing
Full Name: Elizibeth "Bet" Yeager
Gender: Female
Race: Homo-Superior
Age: 32
Birthday: June 27th 1979
Place of Birth: Clearwater, PA
Hometown: Clearwater, PA
Faction: Brotherhood

Growing up was a bit hard on this woman, her childhood was without parents for much of it, instead relying on a nanny and friends at school for her connections to the world. When her powers manifested, it did so in a way that made some suspicious, jealous, and even resentful toward her, causing her to feel she would be rejected at home. Running away she fell into a life of money, guns, and gambling. It wasn't until the call to arms sent out by Magneto that she left the gang she'd called family and went for a greater calling. With his fall, and the breaking apart of the Brotherhood, she's stepped up, following the three leaders that are rising when she must, but making it clear to some that she'd rather eliminate them, and bring it forward on her own.

Powers, Gifts and Skills


Being able to walk through anything, solid or not. Heat and cold can be a nuisance but normally it's only extremes in either degree that bother her at all. She is able to pull the clothing she is wearing, and things she is holding along with her, even another person and what they have with them, but her limit is about there. She can take two people with her, but they might be surprised when they get to where they are going, because likely all three will be in birthday suits. She can also make only certain parts of herself able to meld through things while keeping herself solid on either side. (ie. putting her arm through a wall and firing her gun at something on the other side.)


While not something that could replace limbs, though it might since she's never wished to test the theory, it can heal pretty much anything… at least what she's encountered. From being shot, to mending broken bones and deep lacerations, she's healed if not in a few seconds, then a few minutes. She's used this to help her with tough situations before, but she doesn't like to rely on it if she doesn't have to. Just because she can heal, doesn't mean she enjoys the pain that gets brought along for the ride. On the brightest side she can think of, since gaining her powers, she's yet to have a cold.


Some consider gambling a fault. Not Bet Yeager though. She loves it, and though she doesn't talk too often about it in questionable company, she loves betting and gambling. Cards are her favorite, but a bet is a bet, and with her levels of modesty and morality, it might just be a pretty hard thing to do, finding a bet she won't take.

Firearm Proficiency

The gang life showed her a lot of what could happen, what did happen, and what happens. Ordinary people getting access to things they should not, and learning to use them better than someone just getting their hands on it. While not a jack of all trades sort of gunman (or woman), bet certainly knows her way around most guns, whether legal or illegal. She has a concealed weapons permit and always keeps "Stan" by her side. She even knows a bit of military tech, but high grade things, well, she'd have to do a bit more with them to get better, and while her aim is good, she's not a sharpshooter yet.

People Met

Jack Knighte

Devin LaCroix

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