Faris Donahue

Portrayed By Colin Farrell
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Power: Super Strength/Regeneration
Full Name: Faris Donahue
Gender: Male
Race: Homo-Superior
Age: 34
Birthday: July 26th
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Faction: Brotherhood
Position: Enforcer

Faris Donahue is the town's resident biker mutant. He roams the town on his Harley-Davidson V-Rod, when not on an assignment.


Faris has the ability to accelerate his body's healing to an extent. While he can regenerate simple gunshot wounds or open cuts within a few minutes, he's not quite as practiced with growing back anything more than extremities, meaning that it could possibly take as long as one month for him to regenerate an arm or a leg.

Super Strength
Faris' super-strength is nothing to shout about. He can't exactly lift a tank or anything, but pretty much anything up to 5 tons he can lift with just a minor application of effort.

Faris' Bike


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