Heather Walker

"The time is coming when we will all be forced to choose sides; to be sheep lead to slaughter or wolfs free to roam the land as nature intended."

Portrayed By Katie Holmes
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Power: Electricity Manipulation
Full Name: Heather "Nicky-T" Walker
Gender: Female
Race: Homo-Superior
Age: 27
Birthday: June 7th
Place of Birth: Rochester, New York
Hometown: Salem, Massachusetts
Faction: The Brotherhood
Position: Associate / Medic

Life Highlights

  • Born June 7th, 1984 in Rochester New York
  • Childhood as the daughter of a genetic researcher and pro-mutant activist
  • Mutant powers manifest incrementally over her early teen years
  • Attended and graduated medical school in New York
  • Participating in a medical residency at the North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) in Salem Massachusetts
  • Holds a PhD in applied medical sciences with a Bachelors of Science in electrical field engineering


Control Electricity

Heather's most basic of of abilities is her ability to control electrical currents. This ability has focused manifestation at her hands and has been observed ranging from small playful sparks and arching shapes up to what is best described as small bolts of arching lightning. Heather's control over electricity has not branched over to include controlling anything other than the most basic of electrical components. She has been able to turn lights on or off, change the speed of small motors, but could not turn a computer on, or fake a cell phone call. What she can do is upset the flow of electrical movement in nearly any electrical system. So while she could not change the station on a portable radio, she could most assuredly turn the machine off, short the radio, or irrevocably damage the electrical system so that it could not work again.

Control Electrical Fields

While controlling electricity was the first of her abilities to manifest, Heather's most remarkable of skills is from her ability to manipulate the electrical fields caused by the passage of electricity and manifesting most spectacularly in the creation and adaptation of Electrical Magnetic Fields. The limitations of her abilities seem to be wrapped about her understanding of EM fields and her knowledge of the science has been based strongly upon the research of Nicola Tesla and directed electrical fields with their effects on other electrical and magnetic fields. It should be noted that while EM fields technically cover a wide range of phenomenon, Heather's control has not branched into a control over radio waves (other than creating radio wave static), light control (other than as a residual from electrical generation), or other forms of radiation.

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