Jack Knighte

Portrayed By Kurt Cobain
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Power: Enhanced physical abilities and energy creation/control
Full Name: Jack Knighte
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant
Age: 25
Birthday: 3/28/1986
Place of Birth: Clearwater, PA
Hometown: Clearwater, PA
Faction: Independent
Position: Business owner

Jack is just a normal (or wants people to think so anyways) guy who runs a small convenience store on Main Street.


This man stands at a decent height of six feet four inches. His body is well toned and his chest broad, indicating he works out a good bit. Nicely tanned skin also implies he spins a good bit of time outside. He seems to weigh in at around two hundred pounds, considering his height and muscle tone. Bright green eyes adorn the man's young face, which seems to be the face of someone in their mid-twenties. His hair is light brown and shaggy, hanging down to his chin, and is unkempt. Lining his jaw is a short stubble of facial hair, and he also sports a more pronounced goatee.

He is currently dressed in a tight white t-shirt, dark stylishly faded jeans with holes around the knees, and black combat boots.

Facts o' Jack

  • Born March 28th, 1986
  • Parents owned a convenience store in Clearwater, PA
  • Powers developed at the age of 15, when being attacked by school bullies
  • Graduated as a 'B' student from high school
  • Attended NYU and received a bachelor's degree in business
  • Worked as a security guard for some time before to save up some money
  • Owns a convenience store called Jack's in Salem, NY
  • Tries to keep the fact he's a mutant secret, and stays out of human-mutant conflicts when possible


Energy Creation and Control

Since his teenage years, Jack has been able to emit pure, radiant energy from his body. At first he could only do it in general bursts, which could be quite devastating if he put enough energy into it, but over time he grew to be able to control the flow of energy through his body. As a result, Jack can focuse the energy into almost any part of his body and emit a beam of the energy. He usually utilizes this control by shooting the beams from the palms of his hands. He can also form the energy into spheres, which he can then throw.

Enhanced Physical Abilities

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