Liam LaCroix

Portrayed By Aaron Johnson
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Power: Regeneration, Healing,Empathy
Full Name: Liam LaCroix
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant
Age: 25
Birthday: August 12, 1986
Place of Birth:
Faction: Independet
Position: Doctor

Liam Michael LaCroix was born in the south, one of five children. From his childhood, Liam was a slightly different child. He was the sensitive one, and interested in helping others from an early age. This was the beginning of his empathic abilities. This was always a limited power for him, and one he never developed.

His main powers wouldn’t surface into he was thirteen and in high school. That’s when he began regenerating when injured and also when he learned he could heal others. Unlike some, he didn’t really mind being different. He began attending Xavier’s and graduated quickly and began studying medicine and graduated by the time he was twenty and served two years of residency in upstate New York. That was probably the happiest he’d been since while at Xavier’s he was among others who had powers and he didn’t need to hide.

Recently, he has returned to the same city as the school since his brother was attending. The two didn’t know each other well since he’d began attending Xavier when he was 13, and his youngest sibling was 1 at the time, and didn’t come home too often. So he opened up a practice of his own, where he practices both medicine of the normal variety and patching up people with his mutant ability.

RP Logs

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Devin LaCroix He's my little brother, don't really know him that well though.