Lincoln Miller

"The only thing that is certain is that nothing is ever certain."

Portrayed By Andy Whitfield
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Power: Pre-Cognition
Full Name: Lincoln Chase Miller
Gender: Male
Race: Homo-Superior
Age: 28
Birthday: Feb 25
Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Faction: Academy for Gifted Students
Position: Teacher

A recently arrived new teacher at the Academy for Gifted Students, Lincoln teaches Business, Economics, and Sociology classes as well as attempting to provide some baseline guidance for the students.


Dark brown hair is shaved down to where the barest hint of growth is starting to come back in causing a dark shadow over his head. The same dark shadow exists on his cheeks, chin, and under his nose with the slight growth that has come about. Blue eyes of piercing color are set on a relatively normal face causing the eyes to stand out further. He is about 6 feet in height and of a slightly more slender build but is solid with heavy training.

He is currently dressed in a pair of khaki slacks that have a blue shirt tucked into the waist and secured by a belt. His feet are covered in brown loafers. Upon his wrist he wears a rather nice looking Rolex(tm) watch.

Life Highlights

  • Born February 25th, 1982 in Omaha Nebraska
  • Standard Childhood
  • Mutant powers manifest at age 12 during a basketball game (Private)
  • Attends and graduates High School (Salutatorian)
  • Attends Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Attains BA in Economics with a minor is Physics
  • Attends Rice University, Houston, Texas
  • Attains PhD Economics and Business
  • Begins Investment Firm, recognized top 5 Investor by Forbes Magazine
  • Opportunity to be Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
  • National Economic Council appointment
  • Leaves behind Investment firm and other opportunities to instruct at Academy



Lincoln is able to see events before they happen. It began developing during puberty with being able to anticipate the actions of others, specifically in athletic events. As he aged his visions of what was going to occur began to extend beyond reactionary anticipation to minutes, hours, and days in advance. His control over his ability has developed quite well with the capability of focusing on a specific moment, particularly if it is in his life, quite a distance into the future.

Lincoln has learned however that his power is not definite as the future is in constant moment, the further away he gets in time from the current time the less definitive the future is. The larger the event however the more solid it's likelihood of occurring seems to be, such as the attack of the Brotherhood.

Reading other is difficult as is strengthened with tactile touch.


The ability to read people's pasts has not developed yet but is something that Lincoln has considered possible due to the relativity of time.

Heightened Reflexes

It is not so much that his reflexes are superior but rather he knows where things will be before they get there. Since it is a reactionary state there is not much time for other events to influence the course so any event is exceptionally predictable. This often looks like extremely heightened reflexes which Lincoln has used in sporting events. He also could reasonably use it for combat.


Song Title Performed By Theme/Dedication Lyrics
This is War 30 Seconds to Mars Fight Song A warning to the people, The good and the evil, This is War
All These Things That I Have Done The Killers Reflections on Life I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier.

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