Taylor Murphy

Portrayed By Scout Taylor Compton
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Power: Teleportation & Bio-Energy Blast
Full Name: Taylor Sky Murphy
Gender: Female
Race: Mutant
Age: 19
Birthday: April 16th, 1992
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Faction: Academy
Position: Student

Taylor is another new face at the Academy as she joins the ranks as it's newest student. She is cheerful and friendly but she is still shy and uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism. She's still getting use to the new surroundings and trying to get a better control of her powers.


Taylor stands five foot, nine inches tall and looks to be in her late teens. She has thick blonde hair that flows just past her shoulder blades, which frames her angular face. She has a lean and athletic build. Her eyes are a bright blue color that looks as if they were glowing. Above her eyes are two thin and narrow eyebrows. She has a fairly short and narrow nose, a mouth that is well shaped and can look very mean or extremely generous, but always looks sensual and her eyes are kind. She has eight earrings in her left ear and nine in her right. When she talks, a silver tongue ring can be seen.

She is dressed in a pair of baggy blue jeans, which is held up by a black leather belt with two rows of silver, square-shaped studs. On her feet is a pair of white sneakers. Her shirt is a white halter-top that shows off her cleavage and her washboard stomach. A long silver chain hangs at her right side with one end clipped onto a belt loop and the other disappearing into her back pocket. On her head is a red baseball cap that is worn backwards, keeping her hair from her face and allowing it to flow down her back. Her fingers have multiple rings on each finger and each wrist has at least fifteen bracelets. Around her neck is a silver razor blade, which hangs from a silver chain.



Taylor has the ability to teleport herself and anything else she touches. By manipulating the energy produced naturally by her body, Taylor is able to transport herself through space instantly. To those viewing her teleport, it looks as if she appears and disappears in a flash of bright white light that lasts for only a second. This light has the potential to blind someone if their vision is sensitive to light or if they are using low-light vision or technology. To those being teleported, the world around them seems to movie in a series of still pictures blurred around them. People, cars and the world around those teleporting stands still as they move. The total time spent this way is less than a second. Use of this power relies on Taylor's natural body energy and as a result, she becomes weaker and more tired the more she teleports. The larger an object or the more people she teleports along with herself, the more energy is required and the more worn out she becomes. Lost energy is replaced naturally by her body, requiring her to eat or sleep.

Currently, Taylor is able to transport herself three city blocks, an object up to 200 lbs, and carry two additional people with her. Further use and training of her teleportation will allow for further travel, higher weight capacity, and additional passengers. With the development of her secondary ability, Taylor has lost what control over her teleportation she had. She is limited to a distance of ten feet, an object weighing 50 lbs or less, and is unable to teleport anyone else. While she can still teleport herself at will, it can be triggered by surprise, fear or anger.

Bio-Energy Blast

Taylor's newest power which has only recently developed in past weeks. The development of this power has caused her to loose control of both her powers. By focusing her body's natural energy, Taylor is able to create spheres of pure energy which can be thrown. These spheres of energy then detonate and explode upon contact with a solid object or surface. The charging of this blast requires a lot of energy and drains Taylor more with the larger the charge. Currently, she is unable to control the charge of the blast or when it occurs. This power is also currently tied to her emotional state. The blast is currently automatically charged to a maximum yield equal to a single stick of dynamite. With further training and control of her ability, the maximum yield can be raised higher.



I read these words over and over again as a child when reading the comic books that I’d save up for. Okay. Maybe not those exact words, but those are the words that I have repeated to myself over and over, pretending to have the super powers that the heroes in the comic possessed. Needless to say, I had a very active imagination as a kid. I was the youngest of three girls and, as called by my sisters, “the runt of the litter”. Though I didn’t seem to be very popular in school. Not to say that I didn’t have friends, because I did. I had several growing up, and one that I still keep in contact with even after all these years. But that’s not why we’re here, now is it? But in order to start in the right place, those words need to be repeated one more time…

I never wanted anything to happen to my parents, but a hero needs an origin story. I was born on April 16th in Los Angeles, California to Lucy and William Murphy. My childhood was one that most kids would call normal and fewer children dream about. My parents weren’t abusive and didn’t have a drug problem. In fact, my parents were both very loving. Both to us kids and to each other. Both our parents were supportive in our school work and our varying extracurricular activities. My oldest sister Janet, who is six years older than I am, was focused on her school work and wanted to be a politician. The middle child Sarah, three years older, was the artistic one and got into music and dancing. She wanted to be famous. I, on the other hand, went into gymnastics. I wanted to go to the Olympics and stand on the pedestal with a gold medal around my neck. We did well in school and were taught proper manners. It was a good upbringing.

While I didn’t have much interest in my sister’s interests, but I did throw more energy into my gymnastics than anything else at that point in my life. I loved it and worked hard to move towards my goal of becoming an elite gymnast. I was close to reaching my goal until a knee injury ended my dreams at ten and I was forced back down to Earth. I wasn’t really as happy-go-lucky as I use to be, becoming more sarcastic and dressing down more often than not. My parents seemed, at least in my mind, to focus more on my sisters after my accident. Though I wasn’t the same person that I once was, I still enjoyed myself and had a positive outlook on life. I just learned to not sweat the small stuff and to live each day as it comes. You shouldn’t take life so seriously, otherwise you won’t survive. You can write that down.

The years passed, as they tend to do. We grew up and my knee made a full recovery. My sisters went off to college and left the house, I upgraded rooms until I was left with the biggest of the three rooms and was left to the mercy of an over emotional mother. It wasn’t so bad since dad was understanding and helped take some of the attention off me. Despite a clearance from my doctor I decided not to go back into gymnastics, instead getting into skateboarding and living a normal life. I still continue to run to stay in shape plus it’s a great time to be alone with your thoughts. The world around me changed as well. News reports of mutants and terrorists with these powers fighting each other. The comics were right after all. Unfortunately none of my friends or family were one or, if they were, they weren’t saying anything. Probably due to the shit that went down in San Francisco, then in that case, I don’t blame them.

As much as I tried to have a normal life, mother nature decided that she wasn’t done using me as her play toy and, when I was fifteen, threw me another curve ball. As I was out skateboarding, lost in my world of my thoughts and music, I was crossing the street and didn’t notice the light was red. I didn’t even notice the bus coming at me or hear it honking it’s horn or the shouts of warning of the pedestrians around me until it was too late. I shut my eyes and braced for impact, but it never came. When I opened my eyes, I was standing in the sewer system underneath the street and looking up at the cover of the manhole above me. Confused and scared shitless, I gathered up my board and bag before taking off. I spent hours down there before I managed to find a way out since I couldn’t lift the covers. Those bitches are heavy.

I didn’t know what happened to me, but I hoped it was just a freak accident or something. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Every time I became scared or angry, I’d disappear in a flash of light and appear somewhere else close by. Needless to say that it didn’t take long before my family found out. They were supportive and helped me try to learn about my gifts, but that was of little help since none of us understood how it was happening. We didn’t even know where or who to turn to. I just tried to practice and learn how it worked. Eventually I was able to get back to somewhat of a normal life. I moved out on my own and got a job as a waitress. With my powers, I still remained close with my parents, visiting them every day. And since they provided free meals and I was poor and hungry, it worked out best for both parties.

Eventually, I was able to teleport myself at will and I was even able to transport my board or whatever I was touching again. A few feet at first, but I eventually managed to teleport myself anywhere within sight. I started to get a handle on it before a new ability manifested itself. This time, I blew up the backyard. I was over at my parent’s house on one of my daily visits. We were playing football in the backyard when my friend tackled me and something came out of my hand. It flew across the yard a few feet and blew up the shed. Yeah, dad was pissed. The game quickly ended and my parents immediately set out to find someone who could help me before I hurt myself or someone else. With the manifestation of my new power, my teleportation didn’t seem to work right either. I didn’t have the control over it that I once did. I’d teleport when I got scared again or it wouldn’t work when I wanted it to. Certainly, the distance that I once was able to cover was cut down tremendously.

I gave up my apartment and moved back in with the parental units, taking time off work. I locked myself in my old room until I was visited by someone from this school for people like me. I thought it sounded like they could help me and agreed to join. I just recently arrived there and finished settling in. It seems like a pretty nice place as long as they’re skateboard friendly, we shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

I know that I said that a hero needs an origin story and though mine may not be as exciting as those in the comics, it is an origin story none-the-less. I said I never wanted anything to happen to my parents and nothing has… yet. Don’t judge. Do you have a super power? I didn’t think so. So, are you going to order something or just continue to waste my time? I’ve got other tables waiting…


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My Bad Reputation Joan Jett Personality I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation | You're living in the past it's a new generation | A girl can do what she wants to do and that's | What I'm gonna do | An' I don't give a damn ' bout my bad reputation

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  • Taylor’s favorite movie is National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.
  • Taylor is a tomboy and isn’t afraid to get dirty or injured.
  • Taylor always seems to be seen eating something.
  • Sometimes Taylor answers to ‘Murphy’ in reference to Murphy’s Law.
  • Taylor is a natural brunette, but often bleaches her hair blonde.
  • Taylor’s main mode of transportation (other than her powers) is a skateboard.
  • Taylor works as a waitress.
  • Though Taylor likes to run, she prefers to do so solo.
  • Taylor’s favorite holiday is Halloween.
  • Taylor describes herself as the best friend you’ll ever hate.