Taken Actors

This is a list of all the taken actors used to represent the appearance of your character. If an actor that you would like to use is on this list and the player has not been active in the past 30 days, please contact the staff before selecting that actor so that we can make the necessary changes.


These are the actors that have been claimed by the players for the Player Characters (PCs) that they have created or have been created by the staff to represent their characters.

Character Actor/Actress
Alexandra Chloe Moretz
Alexandria Deborah Ann Woll
Barry Billy Crudup
Brielle Katherine Heigl
Ciaran Ulrik Munther
Elizibeth Kristanna Loken
Faris Colin Farrell
Heather Katie Holmes
Jack Kurt Cobain
Liam Aaron Johnson
Lincoln Andy Whitfield
Matt Cam Gigandet
Molly Haley Bennett
Isabelle Zooey Deschanel


These are the actors that have been chosen to represent the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that have been created by the players and staff for the supporting characters that have made regular appearances in scenes and plots.

Character Actor/Actress