Wanted Concepts

These are the various concepts that we are wanting to see in some applications. While we have just opened up, we want everything right now.

Wanted Characters

These are a list of characters that are in need of owners by the staff or other players. If you have an NPC that you would like to find a home for, please post them here and maybe someone will pick up the character to play.

Character Name Character Type Power(s) Contact
None Yet

Wanted Concepts

These are the character concepts and ideas that we really need more of on the grid.

  • Teachers at the Academy
  • Members of the Brotherhood
  • Hi-tech human who police mutants
  • New player created factions

Restricted Concepts

These are the concepts that are currently restricted and probably won't get approved.

  • None Yet

Banned Concepts

These are some of the concept ideas that will be rejected automatically.

  • Characters who absorb the power of others.
  • Characters who are extremely long lived.
  • Characters who appear to be much younger/older without shapeshifting.
  • Street kids
  • Victim Characters (everything in their life was stacked against them)
  • Characters with more than 1 Skill above a four.

Overdone Concepts

These are the concepts and character ideas that have been done to death. Please do not make a character with any of these listed or they'll only lower your chances of being approved.

  • None Yet